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mortgage after bankruptcy

Mortgage after Bankruptcy: Options & Possibilities

Buying a House after Bankruptcy? Is It Possible? Mortgage After Bankruptcy The good news is that you can buy a house even after filing for bankruptcy.  In some cases immediately after dismissal.  Except that comes with higher rates. As you probably know there are 4 main types of bankruptcy cases and is important to distinguish

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Assumable Mortgage

Assumable Mortgage – 7 Things to Know

How to Get an Assumable Mortgage? Assumable Mortgage It will be nice to purchase a house or any other piece of real estate via a cash.  Yet most of the time when acquiring a house you need a form of financing.  Typically as a potential buyer, you go to a bank and take out a

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Credit Reports

Credit Reports: The Difference between Hard and Soft Credit Checks

Credit Reports: Hard vs. Soft Credit Inquiries In the US, there are three credit bureaus that maintain credit reports.  These three companies – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion have arrangements with most financial institutions.  The financial institutions report to the bureaus the status of their consumer debts. These three credit bureaus collect all this data and create reports on individuals. They sell

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