March 30, 2015
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My name is Casey Moseman, CMPS® (certified mortgage planning specialist®). And what that means to you is that I am your Las Vegas Mortgage Banker/Broker & work for you to find the Las Vegas Home Mortgage that suits your financial goals. I am not an internet lender nor am I competing with internet lenders. There is a very big difference between the product & service I provide with the product provided by lenders who ask for the loan process to be completed online. It is important that I make this distinction because it is such a large distinction and may make an impact on your decision to use a Las Vegas Mortgage Banker/Broker found through an online search. You will see that I do not have a application for you to complete online. This is my job and not yours. Websites that ask you to complete your own application online are not providing you any service by doing so. This is merely a lead generation technique and does you no good. A Las Vegas NV Mortgage is a large transaction and a very large step to take in one's life and should be done with your loan officer every step of the way. The application is the most important step of the process as this is where your loan officer gathers all the important information about you and your life.

In your search for a mortgage planner you should be aware of the distinction between one that is a certified specialist and one that calls themselves a "mortgage planner." A true CMPS® has undergone rigorous testing that involves three important areas concerning home loans which are mortgage planning, tax implications and financial strategies. CMPS® graduates are committed to raising the standard for mortgage professionals and less than 1% of mortgage officer's nationwide can call themselves CMPS®.

The team I work with at All Western Mortgage, a Las Vegas Mortgage Banker - Broker, can provide you the type of professionalism & experience you deserve along with a wide range of mortgage loan options at our fingertips. We use web-based tools that allow the origination and processing of your loan to flow smoother and faster than you've ever imagined.

Working as a las vegas mortgage banker - broker, I am certain we will find a loan & with the best rate that meets your needs. Need assistance with your raising your credit score? I can help!!! Looking for competitive mortgage rates? Look no further!! Las Vegas First Time Home Buyers are welcome.

Because I am local, I am very easy to reach. You can stop by and visit my office or even better I can come to you. Also having local experience, All Western Mortgage uses only the best of the industry professionals.

It is my mission to be the dominant Las Vegas Mortgage Lender; to provide an array of lending options to first time home buyers, current home owners, and investors both in residential as well as commercial opportunities.

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Casey Moseman, CMPS 

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OK, so we've had a few of bad years, er, maybe like five-ish. But who's counting? The recession following the 2007-2008 financial collapse & resulting great recession socked Nevada with some hard blows, perhaps the hardest of any state. At its peak, Nevada's unemployment rate was a brutal fourteen percent. We lost over 200,000 jobs, half of that number from construction and the rest from tourism or gaming. But our luck has turned and businesses are turning to Nevada to set up shop. It's shaping up to be a great comeback story. Read more...

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Casey Moseman / Las Vegas Custom Loans LLC is a BBB Accredited Mortgage Broker in Las Vegas, NV

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