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Buying A Home

You find out that you’ve just received a nice pay increase and you're very excited and want to treat yourself and your family. You maybe buy a new high tech gadget, maybe some nice new clothes (or for women, then shoes!!!) or maybe even step up into a better car.

At some point thereafter a decision is made to buy a home or maybe you’re interested in buying a step-up home if you already own one. You research your market, find out exactly where you want to live, calculate what payment you would like and how much money you can afford to put down.

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Buying an Investment Home

7 things to know about Buying an Investment Home

This post isn't for everyone, but there definitely should be a significant number of people out there examining the return on their investments in stocks and bonds in current markets. While many shy away from rental home ownership due to a distaste for the "landlord" function, it can be a more passive investment if a property management company is hired. While a percentage of rents is paid for this management function, current market conditions and the old stand-by benefits of rental real estate have created opportunities for investors.

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You should consider refinancing your Las Vegas Nevada Mortgage when your financial situation changes, rates are decreasing, rates are suspected to increase or your tolerance for risk has changed. Four examples of beneficial reasons to re-finance:

1) Interest rates have dropped which would lower your monthly payment and the ultimate amount of interest you have to re-pay.

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Debt Consolidation

Using the Equity in your home by taking out a Las Vegas Debt Consolidation loan may be a very useful strategy to pay off high interest credit cards. Consolidating debt by using equity in your home assists the home owner by freeing up more money every month & gets their debt paid down faster due to lower interest rates via the home loan.

There must be a core focus in this strategy once the debt and/or credit cards are paid off and that is not to charge back on them again or take out new loans. I would like to explain the debt consolidation program that I recommend as opposed to the traditional debt consolidation programs offered by other so called Mortgage Planners. The after effects of following my strategy will also result in a person’s lower credit rating to increase.

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