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Higher Conforming Loan Limits – Higher FHA Loan Limits

Las Vegas Nevada Higher Conforming Loan Limits - Higher FHA Loan Limits

As of February 13, 2008, the President signed the law passed by Congress allowing loan limits to be temporarily increased across the nation.  This increase is applied to all loans originated between July 1, 2007 and December 31, 2008.  The increases were made to both FHA loans as well as conforming loans.  The new loan limits that apply to your property will depend on which county it is in. 


In Clark County, Nevada for example (Las Vegas), the new FHA loan limit was set at $400,000.  The conforming loan limit however remained the same as the previous limit at $417,000.  If you are interested in any other county across the US, please click on Higher Conforming Loan Limits to download a complete excel file.  Or Click Here to be transferred to HUD's website where you can look up the new FHA loan limits in various areas across the country.

  • Important Tip: Those purchasing or refinancing below either FHA or conforming loan limits will benefit from a reduced interest rate. 

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