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Condotel financing – Trump & Palms Place

New Investor Available for Trump & Palms Place

  • $250,000 minimum loan amount to $50 Million
  • 80% LTV - With the ability to reach 100% by your borrower pledging the other 20% and placing into an interest bearing investment account
  • Full Documentation
  • This is available non owner occupied homes only & for foreign nationals looking for a second home (no owner occupied homes allowed)
  • MINIMUM Reserve requirements are 12 months PITI (total payment with taxes/insurance/HOA fees etc…).  However approvals are based on the entire strength of the file.
  • No specific DTI requirements.  
  • No specific FICO requirements
  • Total mortgage borrowing ability is capped at 5 times the borrower's annual salary.  You can average 2 years of income to calculate your borrower's average annual income.  For example, if borrowers annual income is $2 Million then the total allowable outstanding mortgage liens cannot exceed $10 Million.  That total amount also includes the new purchase.
  • Interest Rates start @ 4.375% up to 30 year amortization.  The amortization schedule is dependent on the borrower's age and how close they are to being 70 years old.

The files are manually underwritten and they will be looking for files that make sense and have either high income to support or high assets to support!!!  Because ALL files are manually underwritten, expect longer wait times for the closing process (30-60 days).  Underwriter is concerned about repayment ability.  This is not the loan for you if you are looking for a program that only works going stated.  Condo-tels will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


This does not constitute approval for a loan or credit of any kind nor is this a rate quote.  Envision Lending Group, Inc. is a licensed mortgage broker that deals with lenders and investors.  Each file is handled on a case by case basis and guidelines are subject to change at any moment!!


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