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Why Bother Getting a Home Inspection in Las Vegas?

The first time I explained the home inspection process to a buyer, the response was “I can test the microwave myself! Why in the world would I pay someone else $400 to do something so simple? I’m buying a new house.” 

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It is true that the purpose of a professional home inspection is only to inspect the quality, safety, and overall condition of visible components on the premises—a process that doesn’t require opening up walls or ceilings or taking things apart. So why should you get a professional home inspection? Why shouldn’t you save money and have a friend or someone you know in the construction or real estate business do the inspection for you? The answer is quite simple. You may save money, but you won’t be getting expert advice. Home inspectors are trained and certified professionals.

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make. While a home inspection will cost several hundred dollars, it can reduce the risk for your substantial investment in a new or existing home. We’d all like to buy the perfect home. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. Even new homes by the best builders have defects. Home inspection is all about educating you about your new home. It just makes sense to learn about the quality of your home early in the process.
When you consider how expensive it can be to replace an air conditioner or furnace (say $4,000) or even a hot water heater, the cost of a home inspection seems relatively small. A professional home inspection is not as simple as changing a light bulb in the refrigerator. It is a complete examination and analysis of the entire property beginning at curbside. The procedure involves checking the premises for defects, whether they are common, minor or major. It can make the buying or selling process easier and less stressful.

A quality home inspection can give homebuyers a peace of mind and the opportunity to become aware of property conditions for negotiating purposes. And for homeowners, it can give them the opportunity to repair defects to avoid delaying the closing. Overall, a professional home inspection can prove beneficial.

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