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What Should You Expect From Your Mortgage Broker?

Here at Las Vegas Custom Loans, we're in the business of helping real estate buyers to finance purchases of homes, land and investment properties.  We want your business, and we are here with the mission of getting you the very best loan product for your needs, with terms that will be suitable for as long as you intend to hold the loan.

Whether this is your first home, or you're a veteran at buying and financing real estate, there are certain product and service deliveries that you should expect from your mortgage resource.  Some of the services are more important to one client than another, and first-time home buyers generally are quite interested in learning about all of the things that we do to bring about a flawless transaction with the right loan for their needs.  There are a great many steps and processes involved in the loan, but let's just group them into a few mortgage loan process service delivery items:

  • First, flawless service demands that we understand our client and their needs.  We will talk with you at length about your family and work situations, your goals and housing desires, and your timeline for remaining in the home.
  • Gathering data from you and about you is a large part of the process.  We'll be thorough, as the current lending climate requires it.  But, we'll help you every step of the way to make the process as easy as possible.
  • We will examine every applicable loan product for your situation, recommend the best for your needs, and process the loan that fits best with the highest probability of success.  We'll be aggressive at following up with the lender and/or investors to keep the process moving, as there are always deadlines to be met.

Those three bullet items encompass hundreds of tasks and details.  They require that we be your advocate in the mortgage process, and that we make sure you end up with the right loan for you, not just when you close, but years down the road.

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