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Ways to pay off your mortgage early

What are the ways to pay off your mortgage early? If this is the question you are asking yourself or others, then you must learn about the Home Ownership Accelerator®!

This program links a checking account to your mortgage so that when you make your deposits into the account, you drive down the principle balance. The account also acts the same as your current checking account where you can make withdrawals directly out of the account to pay for your monthly living expenses. You can also get cash, write checks, use a VISA point of sale card and utilize funds for outside investments.

The way it works is that each month your average monthly balance of the mortgage is calculated and you only pay interest on the average balance. This continues to happen month after month compounding the effect of paying more towards your principal balance and paying less towards the interest so you pay your loan off faster.  And access to drawing the cash back out is as easy as your current bank account.  No matter how much you pay down the balance of your mortgage, this program allows you to withdrawal a portion of or all of your equity out if you choose. This loan program is innovative and simplistic all at the same time.

Let's imagine the opportunities that become available by paying off your mortgage.

  1. A person could begin to save those funds for retirement
  2. A person could live essentially debt free
  3. A person could pay cash for their children's college tuition
  4. A person could draw the funds out of their balance and investment them elsewhere for a higher rate of return
  5. Imagine being able to purchase other property besides your primary residence

The opportunities are endless...

The 7 features about this account which are my favorite...

  • Direct Deposit - allows all of your funds to be applied to your loan balance as quickly as possible
  • Funds Transfer (ACH) - allows for automated payments for your everyday expenses to be made without any hassle
  • Checks - you can still make payments to those that don't accept automated or online bill pay
  • ATM - you have access to withdrawing your funds at any time worldwide
  • VISA point of sale card - use this to make purchases anywhere VISA is accepted, ie. Gas, Groceries, etc.
  • FREE Online Bill Pay
  • You can also add an authorized user to this account

Click the following link Home Ownership Accelerator to take a look at the 5 minute video & see this loan in action. 

Using your specific scenario

Let's take the "patent-pending simulator" for a test drive



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