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5 reasons why you should use a mortgage broker:

  1. Brokers have the ability to shop multiple lenders that write loans for all types of credit clients. You may have an 850 score or a 450 score. Which ever your case may be, a broker has access to multiple loan products whereas your local bank or credit union or even home builder only has access to products within their walls.
  2. When you work with a broker, your credit only needs to be pulled one time in order to shop multiple lenders. As opposed to going to your local bank where they pull your credit report and if you are not approved or not satisfied with their offer, then you find yourself shopping elsewhere and having your report pulled again and again. This causes client frustration and ultimately costs you multiple credit pulls spanning out over a period of time which negatively affects your credit score.  
  3. Brokers take out the pain of shopping programs and rates for you. We are in this business because of the contacts we’ve made and the knowledge we’ve gained. Why learn to do our job when we’re here to do it for you. Use the specialty of my knowledge to your advantage. 
  4. Not every bank, credit union or home builder offers programs of every variety. For instance, not every bank can finance FHA loans, or find loans for challenged credit borrowers. Brokers have every bank at their fingertips to be able to match you with the right bank that lends to your specific needs. 
  5. This industry has become hyper-competitive. I am a loan officer committed to bringing you a smooth transaction.  I am part of the 1% of all loan officers nationwide that can call themselves a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS). I know the challenges that each family faces in this time of uncertainty with the market. You need to align yourself with a professional that you can depend on and give you answers.  

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