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Nextdoor: A Social Network for Your Neighborhood

Nextdoor Social Network Digs Deep Into Neighborhoods

nextdoor website

1 in 4 neighborhoods in the US has adopted This selective social media system has been designed to support local neighborhoods

The goal of this website is to give neighbors a place to interact about the goings on of their immediate living space and in the process also create a more secure community.

Although there are numerous forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Pinterest, Google Groups and so on, Nextdoor not only coexists within this already broader ecosystem of media used for community engagement but also thrives. Compared to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, that allow their users to share their content across a far-reaching social landscape. Nextdoor is strictly about connecting with the people who live in a certain community.

Location verification

When you sign up, you will have to provide your real name, not pseudonyms, and be visible to other users throughout the system. Furthermore, you will have to prove your residence. You will be required to verify that you live in the neighborhood. In case your address is linked to a landline, you will be able to request an automated call. Alternatively, you can verify your address by providing your social security number or credit card billing address. For those who are circumspect of sharing such information, you can have the company send you a postcard that you can then verify you received. Additionally, a neighborhood site moderator also known as a lead, can vouch for you.

About Nextdoor

Nextdoor is the first site to scale up community social media across the United States. The website provides identical features to each neighborhood, across the entirety of the U.S. It mainly focuses on crime and safety and other community issues. However, you can also find other topics of conversation such as recommendations for restaurants, handiwork, items for sale & for free and much, much more.

Nextdoor features

Most people use Nextdoor for anything from asking for help finding lost pets to reporting suspicious activity on the street, ride sharing to reports of wild raccoons to items for sale. Nextdoor allows its members to start threads to discuss changes to local ordinances or post neighborhood events. You can even attach pictures and PDFs and other files to posts that your neighbors can open or download.  

Since the beginning of 2013 Nextdoor introduced the Nearby Neighborhoods feature, allowing its members to share and see content created in their own community as well as in adjacent neighborhoods

In addition, Nextdoor collaborates with about 650 local government bodies that can send out various alerts such as utility shutdowns in specific areas, volunteering opportunities or emergency preparedness.

For instance, if you live in Silverstone Ranch near Las Vegas, only residents from this community can check the important news and information to residents in this area by logging into their Silverstone Ranch, Las Vegas Nextdoor account.

This modern website even features a Craigslist-like function that allows members to list different items for sale.

The Nextdoor app is available for the iOS operating system, as well as Android

Nextdoor is the latest local trend that connects you with your immediate neighbors via smartphones and laptops. The Nextdoor app is also available on devices using the iOS and Android systems. The app resembles the website, and you have various options for staying connected and safe, at any time, and from anywhere. Links for downloading or exploring the app can also be found directly on the website, or it can be downloaded from the App Store

You are able to filter the notifications and alerts you receive and you may choose to be notified only about posts related to crime and safety.  The company also allows users to sign up for emails and text message notifications for urgent alerts.

This free social network for neighborhoods has been founded in 2010 and is currently used in over 114,000 communities across the U.S, with 40 new neighborhoods being added on a daily basis. Nextdoor has a number of attributes that make it distinct although that it exists in a world populated by numerous forms of social media.


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