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My core focus is "Customers for Life!" Working as a Las Vegas mortgage banker - broker, we work to find you the best interest rate through the numerous approved lenders we represent. This puts us a head of the curve by allowing us to choose from a broad spectrum of products in order to meet your lending needs. In the lending environment that we face today, it is important to know your loan officer has access to multiple lenders. 

Why Use Casey Moseman & All Western Mortgage

When I pull credit to find your loan program, we only need to pull it once to get quotes from all our approved lenders. Should you choose to go through your local bank; they will pull your credit once but only have access to rates and programs within their own walls. If you aren't satisfied with their product or service, or are turned down, you may need to go elsewhere which means your credit will be pulled again. After this process is repeated there is a large problem that occurs. You credit score will decrease. The overall effect with the lower credit score is that you aren't eligible for the same loan programs as before; you will ultimately pay more out of pocket. Bottom line is, go to the source that can take the hassle of shopping the rates for you. Go to a Las Vegas mortgage banker & broker.

To take a look at the basic loan origination process and see how you can get started. Your Mortgage Professional should have access to the economic indicators that impact interest rates at their fingertips. If your mortgage professional doesn't, then you should be looking for one that does. For example, I have a service which provides me hourly updates of what the 30 Yr Bond is doing. This is extremely important for your trusted advisor to be on top of. Your advisor should know that the 30 Yr Bond affects the 30 Yr Fixed Interest Rate. Each day I receive an e-mail update which gives me a snapshot of how the market looks for the mortgage industry & gives me indications on which direction the Federal Reserve Board is headed before their next meeting and whether it's a good idea to lock a rate or float and wait for additional mortgage news. If your advisor isn't staying on top of this, then go somewhere else. Your advisor should know what the 30 Year bond is, how it impacts you and be anticipating the next Federal Reserve Board meeting.

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