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There’s Still Time to Take Advantage of Home Buying Opportunities


Whether a first-time home buyer, moving up in size, or even down sizing, there's a "perfect storm" of home buying opportunity right now. If a current home must be sold, it can be a drawback, but for those who are renting, a search through history really cannot turn up a better set of circumstances for buying a home.

  • Tax Credits - There's still time to take advantage of current tax credits for home buyers. If the other requirements are met, a first time home buyer can receive $8000, while those "trading up" could get a $6500 check. A purchase contract must be sealed by April 30, and a closing by June 30, so it's time to act. If you've been out there looking, and have some favorites, it may be a mistake to wait...but they may extend the credit again, or not.

  • Low, Low Prices - Home prices have at best remained stagnant in a few areas, but mostly have declined around the country. With foreclosure inventories at historic highs, there is a lot of great value out there. Most economy experts expect modest appreciation to return in the next few years, so it's an opportunity to buy at the low of the market.

  • Killer Interest Rates - While a low price is an immediate draw, today's low interest rates will be enjoyed for many years of home ownership. If a buyer takes advantage of these very low rates, their future budget will benefit, allowing the savings to be invested or used in other ways.

Instead of boarding up the windows, taking advantage of this home purchase "perfect storm" could be a really great decision for many.

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