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A local Las Vegas woman's networking group continues to add more memberships.

Through the simple process of networking, several woman owned businesses in the Las Vegas valley continue to flourish even in a downward sloping economy.  Jill Brown, the founder and President of SWAN (Successful Woman Actively Networking) presented material at the annual SWAN retreat held Saturday May 17th, 2008 at the Santa Fe Station.

Jill presented 5 concepts that can be applied to any business and any structure....

  1. Focus on Fundamentals
    Remember the basics.  Remember the energy you had when you first began your business
  2. Fire Your Customers
    You cannot do everything & please everyone.  Set goals and make moves to achieve them.  All you can do is YOUR BEST.  If you feel that this was accomplished, then give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.  Focus on the things that are important.
  3. Trim Dead Wood
    In down markets, use the time the educate yourself.  Learn from your mistakes and others successes.  Use the time to start taking classes at the "University in the car."  Listen to motivational tapes while driving or learn a new language.  A fantastic statistic Jill quotes is "Just by doing this in the car you could earn an equivalency of 13 credits per year."
  4. Use Huddles
    Take advantage of groups, co-workers, family, husband, friends, networking groups and anyone you can think of in your sphere of influence.
  5. Re-examine your pricing models
    For example, cereal is so popular with children because of the surprise inside the box.  Try to think of what surprise toy you can add to your product.  This still holds true for adults.  Perfect example is the gift set of makeup and the free makeup bag if you buy the mascara.  Analyze your pricing models!!!!

Competition is healthy!!
It drives each of us toward success.  It motivates us to work harder and strive for bigger things.  The principle theory here is to set goals and tasks to complete those goals.  The key component here is accountability.  Review your goals and tasks completed annually, bi-annually, monthly, weekly or even at the start of each day.  Make yourself accountable for reaching your goals.

SWAN is made up of an awesome group of women that assists other members of the group by providing referrals.  We each motivate, compliment and participate in each others success.  SWAN has grown to also include a chapter in St. George & Cedar City, Utah.  In order to find out how you could become a member of SWAN, please visit them at ATTEND A SWAN MEETING.


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