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Leveraging In Today’s Real Estate Markets for Investors

Are you a real estate investor holding rental properties?  If so, you're likely having few to NO problems in keeping them occupied in today's market situation.  A recent survey indicated that more than 25% of renters are saying that they have no intention of buying a home ... ever.  Sure sentiments can change, but that's a growing number of potential customers.

That's a nice thought, but there's more opportunity today for the rental property owner.  Depending on how long you've owned the home, your current mortgage interest rate, and your desire to expand your property inventory, there could be some real value in looking at refinancing at the historically low rates being offered these days.  You didn't become a successful rental property investor without knowing how to "run the numbers."  So, check out the situation.

If you own a property free and clear, or with at least 20% equity, you may be able to refinance at a mortgage interest rate that's 2 or more points below your current loan.  If you can also take cash out to finance another property, the situation just gets better.  You may be able to retain current cash flow, or maybe even increase it, while purchasing another property at depressed prices can add one more income-producing home to your inventory.

More available tenants, more people who want to continue to rent, lowest interest rates in 30+ years, and home prices double digits below three years ago make for a combination worth investigating.  It's certainly worth a quick run of the numbers.

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