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Is Your Investment Team Complete?

Investors are important in today's housing markets, more than ever before in fact.  Even the government has acknowledged that investors are key participants in the markets, helping to remove homes from the high foreclosure inventories generated by recent mortgage and home price problems.  So, if you're a real estate investor, we thank you for your help in righting the economy.

Whether an investor does one or a dozen or more deals in a year's time, the most successful build a team.  This team involves contractors, repair people, material suppliers, property-finders, insurance agents, Realtors, appraisers, and we hope some really professional mortgage expertise.  Every team member has value, as it can be a complex process to purchase, renovate and sell or rent out a home for investment profits.

When it comes to a mortgage broker, involvement can be on both ends of the process, purchase and sale.  Successful investors frequently use financial leverage, which requires mortgage financing.  But, even if using short term financing or cash to buy, the investor looking to resell a property will be far more successful if they are able to help prospective purchasers in getting mortgage financing.

We are thrilled to be a member of many investment teams.  Our investors enjoy the expertise we offer, up-to-the-minute market and program knowledge, and ability to help their potential buyers in getting financing.  When mortgage financing is necessary to make deals happen, make sure your team is made up of the very best members.

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