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Investors May Not Need a Loan – But Their Buyers Do

The NAR, National Association of Realtors, has reported that home sales in January of 2010 involved 26% all cash transactions, up from 18% a year earlier.  This is a logical situation, as investors are returning to the market to pick up bargains from foreclosure or short sales.  It's accepted that all-cash buyers have a lot more clout in negotiations, and those investors with the cash to buy homes outright are taking advantage. Many investors all around the country are scooping up homes at prices well below replacement building costs, rehabbing them, and holding them for rental income.  But, there are also opportunities for flipping these homes.  There are still buyers out there who want a home of their own.  The problems in today's mortgage markets make it very difficult for them to get a loan, with higher down payment requirements and tougher credit history scrutiny. But, if an investor wants to buy, rehab and resell, it's still possible, and can be quite profitable.  It's a matter of getting into their buyers' shoes and learning everything they can about the availability of mortgages, and particularly government programs, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the FHA.   Investors who want to buy and flip should come in and tap our experience and the current information we continuously gather and study.  Mortgage brokers can be one of your most valuable investment team members.  A higher price, with a higher profit margin, is possible when you can show a buyer that a mortgage is indeed available for their needs.

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