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Getting Your Home On the Market Now

A trend that has been reported every year is that home sellers tend to put their listings on the market very close behind the Super Bowl.  Some think that it's because there is data showing that the buyers don't come out until the sports fans can get off the couches.  Whether that's the case or not, there is data to show a jump in listings and in buyer activity right after the big game.

This year, that doesn't happen until February 7, and that's probably not early enough for the seller to act.  Earlier would be better, as your home could get lost in the flood of new listings coming after the Super Bowl.  Not only will there be competition from new listings, but there's the annual return of previous listings to the market that were pulled off for the holidays.  This flood of new listings not only makes it more difficult to get a single home to surface "above the pack," but also creates the impression with buyers, right or wrong, that there is plenty of inventory and sellers should be willing to bargain more.  With the time line of getting a new home listing into print media, and distributed across the Internet listing sites, starting now can give the sharp seller up to a month's lead on the competition.

Another thing a seller can do is overlooked by the vast majority of those listing homes.  It's going to a mortgage broker with their information and getting an idea of how it looks to a lender if the asking price ends up the selling price.  Getting a mortgage estimate sheet, with payments at current rates, can help in the marketing of the home.

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