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A need for a significant change

It is no surprise consumers are filled with uncertainty and concern.They are frenzied with worry about inflation, home values, 401k’s, retirement accounts, and among other things, their jobs. A perfect storm and no one seems to be immune to the ripples in these financial waters. The dramatic and turbulent economic events taking place are historic in our nation, and world markets. This dispels the Federal Government’s portrayal of a “strong” economy.

The nation is definitely in the middle of a capitalist cycle with a need for a significant change. A decade of expansion including the era, successive years of high productivity and created wealth effect, and influence and lack of controls in government programs designed to promote growth, have lead the country to this breaking point. Now the freight train is barely moving at a snail’s pace.

To continue to help ease the credit crisis and prevent the country from diving headfirst into a DEPRESSION, the Federal Government axed interest rates one month ago by a half-percent to 1 percent. Lending has been severely restricted in the Wholesale and Commercial markets, but consumers can still obtain credit in the Consumer Lending markets. This is good news during bad times.

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