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Nevada Real Estate Market Trends

Fall 2016 Real Estate Market Trends to Look Out For

Nevada Real Estate Market: Trends, Analyses and Statistics There’s likely no sector as important to the United States economy as housing. The economic growth experienced by the State of Nevada since the beginning of this year continues in the September as well. Job growth combined with low interest rates are the main factors influencing the

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Mortgage, Mortgage trend

Mortgage Market Trends

Current Trends in the Mortgage Industry in Las Vegas Potential homeowners all over Nevada from Spring Valley to Reno are all keeping an eye on the mortgage market looking for the best deal. Besides being one of the most famous American resort metropolitan areas, the “City of Las Vegas”, often simply called Vegas or Sin

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Best Home Loans in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Real Estate Rising

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a cave for the last several years, you probably won’t be too surprised to hear that the subprime mortgage crisis and subsequent wave of foreclosures had an especially big impact on Las Vegas and the surrounding metro area. As it happens, Nevada holds the dubious distinction of being in

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