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Bad Credit Home Loan

Be prepared for Lenders to ask you what your credit score is before applying for a home loan.  It is important that you know what shape your credit is in because the amount you pay for your loan (or interest rate) will be heavily dependent on your credit score.  Also beware that you will have to prove enough monthly income to pay for your currently debts plus the new mortgage payment.  Due to the volatility in today's mortgage market, 100% financing is no longer available (unless you are VA eligible) so be prepared to have at least 3.5% set aside for a down payment.    

Anything in the 740 and above range is considered excellent credit and will obtain you a better than average interest rate.  

Know how your credit score works

Your credit score predicts your propensity to repay your debts.  There are several factors that make up your credit score.  Among those are: your ability to make payments on time, your balance to available credit ratios, the length of time your accounts have been open, whether you have had any reported collections, bankruptcies, foreclosures, short sales, short refinances or tax liens as well as other factors.  Your Income IS NOT factored into the credit score equation.  Your bank balances ARE NOT factored into the credit score equation.

In order to obtain a tri-merged credit report and be able to see your credit scores, visit  You will receive a complete report of credit activity involving your credit report from all three credit bureaus plus credit scores.  There is a charge through “” for this report. 

Your credit score will not be affected by requesting your own credit report yourself.  In fact, if you plan on using a credit repair service, we suggest pulling from so both the credit history plus the credit scores can be reviewed.  That way you have a baseline to compare to after credit repair has worked on your credit score.  You can also obtain a free credit report once a year without scores by visiting

I can refer you to a credit repair specialist if you are in need of credit repair before you can purchase a home.  It is my goal as well as it is yours to position you for the best possible loan scenario.  However, if speed is your concern, then you may want to consider a hard money lender that won't care as much about credit.  Just be prepared to put up a hefty down payment.  

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